Free Floating Ornament Template

Free Floating Ornament Template

You have probably seen the clear ornaments floating around filled with a special picture or keepsake that are pretty popular right now. 

These ornaments can seem overwhelming to make, considering you have to get your image and template sized correctly, but once you have that down - you are golden! 

You can download the template here I used for these ornaments I purchased at Michaels

Most crafters are printing these on transparency paper but I chose vellum paper since I had a pack handy. I love the frosted look that the vellum paper gave the image - a more wintery feel. 

You will upload your template and photo you want to use into Cricut Design Space (this is just what I used - I am sure it works the same in Silhouette Studio). 

Then, you will want to use the slice function to make your photo into the shape of the template. You may have to play around with the placement of your photo to get it aligned how you want on the template. 

Then print and cut! For the vellum paper, I used the paper plus setting and I did have to go around twice and I did need to tape the registration marks with magic tape. 

Once you have your image cut out, you want to let it dry completely. 

Once dry, take the top of the ornament off and gently roll your paper to place inside. Use your tweezers to position the paper inside of the ornament. 


You can add glitter and a pretty ribbon to finish it off. 

This project makes a fun and thoughtful gift that anyone will cherish. 

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