About Us


Thank you so much for stopping by! 

JP Designs and Gifts began on Etsy in 2018.

In late 2019, we decided to officially launch our own website in order to offer a wider variety of products and a more personalized experience to more awesome people. 

Who We Are 


Hi - I'm Jenn and JP Designs and Gifts is my creative outlet and passion! I live in Pearland, Texas with my husband and three children. I have a background as a cake decorator and I ran a small bakery from my home for many years. My favorite part of  creating cakes was to see the cake come together and be an actual part of the party - the design of the party! 

This made me want to dive deeper into creating simple yet fun things to help make parties a success. So, I started creating printable birthday invitations, which eventually led me to creating and designing more things like shirts and even books. In 2018, I started offering my items on Etsy and in 2019 I decided to start my own website. 

The goal of JP Designs is to create unique and memorable products to make people happy. Whether creating an invite for a fun event or providing a tee that will make someone smile, our priority is creating something that brings you joy. 

I genuinely appreciate everyone who takes the time to look and make a purchase at our little corner of the web! 

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