31 Magical Days of Gratitude - Printable Positivity Gratitude Journal Coloring Activity Book for Kids - Magical Unicorns (31 Days) PDF

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Help kid cultivate gratitude, positive thinking and thankfulness with this fun printable journal!

This adorable gratitude journal and coloring book was created to help little ones (or the young at heart) cultivate gratitude every day.

Each page prompts the writer to express thankfulness with the following daily prompts:
• Something magical that happened today was:
• Today I felt:
• Today I am most thankful for:
• Draw or write about your day (with a space for creative writing and drawing)

This journal is in black and white with adorable whimsical characters for creative coloring (clip art from EmilyPetersonStudio).

Why a gratitude journal?
Gratitude journals are becoming more and more popular as a tool to reflect on all of the wonderful things in one's life. Expressing gratitude on a daily basis helps you to feel more content and thankful for your everyday life. Expressing thankfulness is a great activity for the young and the old!

Once your purchase is complete, you will be able to download the ZIP File containing 1 PDF File that you can save to your computer to print.

The PDF contains 35 pages including:
• Front cover,
• "This journal belongs to" page
• 31 full sized gratitude journal pages
• Back cover
Once printed, the pages can be stapled or placed in a notebook to create a book.