NEW 90 Day Fiancé Sticker Set

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NEW sticker set featuring our newest fan favorites!

These funny stickers are perfect for the 90 Day Fiancé fan!
  • Each sticker measures 3".
  • This set includes 6 stickers.
  • Each sticker has a glossy finish.

These stickers have been cut to make them easier to get off of the backing.

Set of Six 90 Day Fiance Themed Stickers Including:
Kimbaalay ft. Yams - You made me look like a fool, yo!
Gino ft. Hats - Just be yourself!
Florian - Shush your **** mouth!
Mike - Te Amo
Hamza - Sexy Time
Ben ft. Train Crossing Signage - Let's Dance

Give them to your true love to show some appreciation or give them to yourself because you deserve it!

These stickers have a glossy finish but are not completely weatherproof.
Please avoid putting them on surfaces prone to get wet and do not put them in the dishwasher.